Wilderness lifestyle: "Wilderness has always enthralled me..." About the book author of this wilderness lifestyle true story: Lawrence Dyer went from rural Essex to the rocky wilds of the Peak District
wilderness lifestyle true story

Wilderness enthralls me...
Wilderness has always enthralled me

A b o u t   t h e   b o o k

R e a d   a n
e x t r a c t

R e a d
a n o t h e r
e x t r a c t

P h o t o
g a l l e r y

B u y   t h e
b o o k

A b o u t   
t h e
a u t h o r

L i n k s


About the author...

Lawrence Dyer was brought up in rural Essex, England. Living in a house on the edge of the countryside, he collected rocks and fossils and spent his free time in the wilds, fascinated by the animals and plants there. As an adult he has worked in horticulture, been a school teacher and a college lecturer. His short stories have been published in various genre magazines and collections. He is currently working on a sequel to
A Cottage on the Moss, as well as a Neolithic fantasy novel. He and his wife have two children.

A Cottage on the Moss
by Lawrence Dyer

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